Black Tea 

A finest taste of this tea is attained by using selected ground leaves of tea plant. At hot time of year cool it before drinking to feel pleasant freshness of the tea and slake your thirst.

Green Tea 

Green leaf tea «BEST TEA» can easily slake Your thirst, gives You strength and has many other stimulating and medicinal properties. It is useful for human’s health, gives feeling of harmony and tranquility to everyone.    


According to experienced tea drinkers, there exist too many types of flavoured tea that are not so much tea as individual beverage.

About Company

Uzbekistan is a unique peculiar country full of beautiful traditions, and tea-drinking is reckoning among them.

Tea is counted as one of the first-essential goods in our country.

Hereby in December, 2008 «BEST PROPACK» enterprise with hundred-per-cent foreign capital was founded. 
Foreign Affiliated Undertaking «BEST PROPACK» is a manufacturing enterprise, which main goal is procurement, prepacking and sale of tea mixes and other food products.

In August, 2009 the tea of «BEST TEA» trademark was put on the market, created according to gustatory preference of Uzbek consumers – rich amber colour, composition of strength and fragrance. More details about assortment of our tea you can find in the section «PRODUCTION».


Uzbek Tea

Put intopreheated porcelain teapot dry green tea, then fill the quarter of its volumeby boiling water, after that put the teapot into the heated oven (not on fire)approximately for two minutes. Thereupon fill the teapot half full with boilingwater and cover it with a napkin...

Japanese Tea

Put grindto powder tea (2,5 of teaspoon per half a litre of water) into heated pot, fillit with hot (about 60 Celsius degree) water, let tea draw for some minutes andthen whip it till some froth will arise...

Mongolian Tea

Hecessaryingredients: tea (green), salt, flour (may be supplemented with rice ormillet), oil (grease), cow's milk (camel's milk), sometimes black pepper in corns(one corn per one glass). Grind the tea to powder, after that put 2-3tablespoons of the powder into...

Turkmen Tea

Нecessaryingredients: black pekoe tea, camel's milk, cream. A big kettle (of 2-3 litre volume) is put onscorching sand. When it has already warmed up, some tea (25 gramme per 1 litre of milk) is putinto it and...



Big-leaf black first-class tea    


Can easily slake Your thirst, gives You strength


Produced according to English technology


Green aromatic tea with a lemon

Black CTC

Optimum choice for office personnel


Blackcurrant is the source of vitamins


«BEST TEA» brand tea is produced from tea raw stuff that grows on plantations of Sri-Lanka, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.Black Tea is from Sri-Lanka, Kenya, India, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam. Green Tea is from China.

In our factories received tea is additionally purified, sorted and blended – different kinds are mixed in fixed proportions to create an inimitable delightful bouquet.

Moreover, we carefully inspect tea with aroma additives, such as bergamot, cream, citrus and also fruits.


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